August 17, 2017




There is an old song that I love, and it cracks me up every time I hear it.  You should look it up on YouTube: “Excuses” by The Kingsman.  There is so much truth in this funny song. The foundation of the song is all about the excuses the devil will send your way when you are a Christian.


Over the years, I have noticed how sneaky the devil is when he brings separation between people and their church family. He will slowly begin to bring offense by providing “legitimate” circumstances to separate people from their community. This brings isolation, which begins to make people feel like they don’t matter. He continues to pile one circumstance after another to keep people divided, eventually breaking the relationship and leading to a shipwrecked faith. I know this may seem dramatic, but it happens so subtly that the person doesn’t even realize what is going on until they feel like it is too late to return to the church community.


John 10 talks about how the thief will come to the sheepfold through ways that he does not have the authority to enter – essentially breaking and entering. The importance of community is that we rally around each other to stop the thief. Jesus stands at the door of the sheepfold and offers protection. Unfortunately, excuses often pull us away from the very place that God has set up to protect us.


If we take a look at Galatians 6:3-10 we can see the promise of life when we sow to the right choices. When the enemy brings distractions our way, we have the opportunity to sow to the flesh and serve those distractions. Usually we end up derailed, serving the things that derailed us. The other option available to us is sow to the Spirit. This allows God to lead us through those times, keeps us in the sheepfold, and reaping everlasting life.


Here are a few key points to take away and lock in your spirit:

  1. The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. He has an agenda. God is greater and has given you life and life abundantly.
  2. Don’t sow to the flesh. When things come up, be intentional to stay connected to the sheepfold and the community God has established you in.
  3. Don’t try to be a lone ranger Christian. When you isolate, you become easy prey.
  4. Family is family! God establishes us as part of a family and sometimes there is friction in a family but friction leads to growth. Allow God to strengthen you and keep you.
  5. When the enemy is bringing every excuse and circumstance your way, grow through it. Don’t jump ship and abandon those that have walked with you in the journey. You are part of a sheepfold and need to stay connected.


I am so over the enemy bringing division and trapping people into thinking they don’t matter, won’t be missed, are only doing a job, and so on. We are part of a family and, in a family, everyone has a job. Connect to your spiritual assignment and allow God to flourish you. Close the door to the enemy, sow to the Spirit, and reap everlasting benefits!


I pray this helps you in your journey.

One Comment on “Excuses

Faith Jaudon
August 18, 2017 at 12:11 am

Great word! And so true…thanks for sharing with us.


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