Our Vision

Our Motto – To see lives REVOLUTIONIZED by the power of God.

Our Vision – Reach & Train

One of the main “legs” for our vision is Discipleship”.

The other is our “Gift Based Teams”. These two combined are meant to take a person from any stage of their Christian walk to engage in playing an integral part in our vision.


  1. Unbelievers – Reaching unbelievers and seeing them revolutionized by a salvation experience and a new walk with God.
  1. Believers – Reaching the immature, carnal, hurting, or otherwise inactive believer, seeing them revolutionized by a new level of walk with God whether it be in deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit, a different plane of intimacy in worship, or a greater maturity in the Word of God.


Challenge all believers to become agents of revolution while training them in their specific gifts and callings, and releasing them to walk in the will of God for their lives while reaching others.

Our Goal – Every believer a leader

How we do this

  1. Teach and preach the uncompromised Word of God in its fullness
  2. Provide an excellent opportunity for a Worship experience
  3. Train people to live the kingdom of God in their daily lives in the world around them in a relevant way as agents of change
  4. Provide avenues for people to use their gifts and callings to further the kingdom of God and duplicate themselves

Core Actions

  1. Unashamed – We Preach and practice the uncompromised Word of God
  2. Responsibility – We realize that not everyone who comes our way has the same background, teaching or experience with God. We endeavor to not exclude people from us, but teach the things of God. We foster the understanding and desire in people to take the next steps to experience the fullness of God.
  3. Passion – What we do, we do with our heart out of a deep sense of destiny and fervor.
  4. Excellence – Doing everything as unto the Lord. Our God is worthy of the best of our talents, gifts, abilities, and resources. What we present as His body is the impression we give the world of Him.
  5. Unity – A house divided against itself can not stand. We do not gossip, spread strife, compete with one another, or otherwise act in any way that is counterproductive to our love walk with the rest of the body of Christ. “A drama free zone”
  6. Spirit led – We obey what we believe God instructs us in all decisions. We follow His voice in agreement with the Bible.
  7. Integrity – We do life and ministry in a way that is beyond reproach.
  8. Authority & Accountability – We realize that a man not submitted to anyone is dangerous to everyone. We operate within the bounds of a clear-cut, authority structure. We also know that everyone must be accountable for the protection of all.